Jean-Paul Bourelly – guitar and sampling,

Sadiq Bey – vocalizing, electronics

Hamiet Bluiett - baritone sax .

Kenny Martin -  drums

“It all about power in the darkest hour… ain’t no free ride if you want to glide on it” says Bey on the piece Sacred.

This newly formed group appeals to the cinematic sense of music and the freedom to navigate beyond category. Inspired by the revolutionary 60′s of Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles, marinated over time, Citizen X finds a new voice in the theatre of today’s globalized one-world politics. The group moves through a landscape filled with a sense of spirituality, atmospheric sound bytes punctuated by waves of guitar motion and observant commentary on today’s tumultuous world. Cadillac Eldorados, Sun Ra’s Arkestra and names like Amiri Baraka, Fred Hampton and Huey P. Newton come to mind in a blend of black-a-delic consciousness, bringing a sense of proximity to both danger and beauty.

Jean-Paul Bourelly started his musical career in Chicago playing with some of the south side’s most adventurous figures like Phil Corran, Pete Cozey and formed his outlook on music. The city was blazing one night and the next day everything was gone. So was the 60′s in the heat of social change. Bourelly moved his avant blues on to New york, performing with Elvin Jones, Miles Davis and Pharoah Sanders before embarking on 14 cd’s under his own name, which include Saints and Sinners (DIW), the rock flavored Trippin and Afro experimental trip, Boom Bop.

Sadiq Bey began his social investigation with performance and poetry in post-insurrection Detroit’s experimental music scene with artists like Faruq Z. Bey, Kenny Cox, poet Dudley Randall and drummer, Roy Brooks. Best known  as the front man for Don Byron’s NuBlaxploitation, Tuskegee Experiments, The Othello Syndrome with pianist Uri Caine and his own project, Fire in Zeroland (a Tribute to Sun Ra). In 2008 he received the Berlin Studio Project Award for his electronic/acoustic recording Slow the Ear (Allzeit Musik).

Reggie Washington is a world renown bassist whose association with Bourelly and Bey spanns twenty years. He has performed with  many other artists most notably Steve Coleman, Roy Hargrove and Oliver Lake.

Kenny Martin is an experienced drummer, having worked with many funk jazz and pop groups, most notably the funk group Defunkt.

Citizen X: Sacred

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Diese neu formierte Gruppe appelliert an den filmischen Sinn für Musik und der Freiheit sich jenseits von herkömmlichen Kategorien zu bewegen. Inspiriert durch die revolutionären 60ger von Detroit, Chicago und Los Angeles bewegt sich Citizen X durch eine mit Sinn für Spiritualität und atmospärischen Soundbytes gefüllte Landschaft – unterlegt mit weit reichenden Gitarrensounds und observierenden Kommentaren über die turbulente Welt von heute. Cadillac Eldorados, Sun Ra’s Arkestra und Namen wie Amiri Baraka, Fred Hampton und Huey P. Newton kommen sofort ins Gedächtnis…Jean-Paul Bourelly begann seine Karriere in Chicago, wo er mit Künstlern wie Phil Corran und Pete Cozey zusammenspielte. Schließlich verschlug es ihn nach New York, wo er mit so namhaften Musikern wie Elvin Jones, Miles Davis und Pharaoh Sanders kollaborierte. Seitdem produzierte er bereits 14 CD’s unter eigenem Namen, darunter Saints and Sinners sowie Boom Bop. Sadiq begann seine musikalische Laufbahn mit Poesie Performances in der experimentellen Musikszene von Detroit. Er arbeite mit Künstlern wie Faruq Z. Bey, Kenny Cox, Dudley Randall und Roy Brooks zusammen. Darüber hinaus war er Frontmann für Don Byron’s NuBlaxploitation, Tuskegee Experiments, The Othello Syndrome mit dem Pianisten Uri Cane und natürlich seiner eigenen Band namens Fire in Zoeland.


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