KTS @ Hot Jazz Club, Münster, DE.  21.11.15







Mit seinem aktuellen Projekt “Kiss The Sky” verwendet er die Musik seines grossen Meisters Jimi Hendrix als Abschussrampe.








KTS @ Steinbruch -Duisburg  23.11.15






Infinite Lives and Bourelly Wah – Electro Magnetik Set

We are heading into a new sound and awareness cycle, throughout the galaxy.


BB&T “New Language” offers an alternative in sonic adventurism, improvisation with groove.


“New Language”;

the development of a system of communication through voice, sounds and gestures.


A none exclusive acoustic, electric, futuristic blend of musical impulses and ideals.



Tune into New Language “Another Way In Another Way Out”

New Language Back stage Bari 2015





Sound check at St Anna Aressi Sardinia Italy Sept.1. Had a great time with the guys. Graham Haynes coronet., Vernon Reid gt. Logic turntables and myself on gt. as we go under the name Nu Grid. I heard some new sonic possibilities. It just gets better. Its been way too long guys! Hope to have some sound to post soon…. JPB


Photos by Ziga Koritnik


Its a special Exclusive Project for our friends at Sant’Anna Arresi , Sardinia who are honoring the late great Butch Morris with this years festival.

Press announcement: Nu Grid Concert - September 1,2015


Graham Haynes, Coronet and Electronics

Jean-Paul Bourelly – Guitar ,Vocals and Electronics

Vernon Reid – Guitar Electronics

DJ Logic – Turntables




This years festival at  Sant’Anna Arresi will experience the first concert of Nu Grid. Jean-Paul Bourelly and Graham Haynes are the project initiators and Vernon Reed and DJ logic completing this auspicious quartet.

Jean-Paul Bourelly describes Nu Grid as the convergence point of four accomplished musicians. who have always expressed the progressive side of music, using the jazz impulse, free form funk, beat music and Afro-phonics to lead us into new meaningful musical spaces.


Experimental thinker and coronetist Graham Haynes conducts the Bitches Brew Revisited project and has eight recordings including “Transition” which was the last time these musicians appeared on the same record.


Guitarist, Vernon Reid is the founder of Grammy award winning rock group Living Colour as well as collaborator with Jamaladeen Tacuma in the group “Free Form Funky Freqs”.


Glob trotting funky beat master DJ Logic started out with the group Eye & I has amassed an astonishing array of collaborations with musicians from Sierra Leon Refugee Allstars to Bill Laswell.


Innovative blues explorer Jean-Paul Bourelly sometimes appearing as” Bourellywah” has 16 recordings, creating from his Berlin production house JPgotMangos, including his latest Cameroonian excursion, 3 Kings ”Famous Guys”.


The Nu Grid project represents a fresh sonic jazz adventure by merging technologies with the tested skills of powerful improvisers. Nu Grid is steeped in African America’s impulse to re-invent, as well as in these musicians association reflected over time.


It is a meeting point along the digital space ways in the sometimes contentious yet exciting arena where the instrumentalist’s skill duels it out with todays digital tools,  guided by four master creators.

This is who makes up “New Grid” as they converge on St’ Anna Arresi, Sardinia to mix IT up .








Jean-Paul Bourelly (g/voc)


Darryl Taylor (b)


Kenny Martin (dr)


Hear the band on youtube.


Media Rewind. De-Colonize the Mind

Media rewind. De-Colonize the mind
Eintritt: 7/5 (erm.) €



Das Spontaneous town meeting ist eine interdisziplinäre Jam Session im Talkshow­Format, die im Rahmen der Reihe WE ARE TOMORROW – Visionen und Erinnerung anlässlich der Berliner Konferenz von 1884 monatlich stattfinden wird. Der Jazzmusiker Jean­Paul Bourelly lädt Musiker_innen und Schriftsteller_innen, DJs, Electronic Musikern,  Historiker_innen und Schauspieler_innen zu einem afrofuturistischen Treffen ein, um die Pforten eines Schwarzen kollektiven Wissensarchivs zu öffnen. In Interaktion zwischen Sprache und Musik, Gästen und Publikum, Emotion und Didaktik werden aktuelle und historische Diskurse verhandelt, um neue Akzente zu setzen und Perspektiven zu entwickeln, die bisher durch das Setting ihrer Verhandlung begrenzt schienen. Diskussionen über die Situation der in Berlin lebenden Geflüchteten, die Zerstörung familiärer Beziehungen durch die Kontinuität kolonialer Verhältnisse, die Machtdynamik zwischen dem alten Europa und dem neuen Afrika bekommen so eine unbekannte Vielfalt an frischen Blickwinkeln und Interpretationsmöglichkeiten.



Kuratiert von Jean­Paul Bourelly
Mit: Jean-Paul Bourelly, Marlon Browden, DJ Infinit Livez Filly Sakko, Peggy Piesche, Volkan Terror, Blues Waka Moderation: Maisha Eggers

We are Tomorrow – Visionen und Erinnerung anlässlich der Berliner Konferenz von 1884 ist eine Veranstaltungsreihe von Kultursprünge im Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH. Gefördert mit Mitteln der Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin.




The Spontaneous Town Meeting is an interdisciplinary jam session in the format of a talk show taking place every month in the context of the series WE ARE TOMORROW – Visions and Retrospection on Occasion of the 1884 Berlin Conference. Jazz musician Jean­Paul Bourelly invites musicians and writers, DJs, historians and actors to an afro-futuristic meeting in order to open up the gates of a Black collective knowledge archive. In an interaction between language and music, guests and audience, emotion and didactics, current and historic discourses are negotiated so as to emphasise new aspects and develop perspectives which so far seemed limited by the framework of their negotiation. As a consequence, discussions on the situation of refugees living in Berlin, the destruction of family relationships owing to the continuity of colonial conditions, the power dynamics between Old Europe and New Africa obtain an unknown variety of fresh perspectives and possible interpretations.



Curated by Jean­Paul Bourelly
Featuring: Jean-Paul Bourelly, Marlon Browden, Infinit Livez, Peggy Piesche, Volkan Terror, Blues Waka Hosted by Maisha Eggers


We are Tomorrow – Visions and Retrospection on Occasion of the 1884 Berlin Conference is a series of events by Kultursprünge at Ballhaus Naunynstraße gemeinnützige GmbH. Financed with funds from the Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin.

Concert – Citizen X (Bourelly and Bey)

English Theatre Berlin
Fidicinstraße 40, 10965 Berlin



This newly formed duo appeals to the cinematic sense of music and the freedom to navigate beyond category. Inspired by the revolutionary 1960´s of Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles, marinated over time, Citizen X finds a new voice in the theatre of today´s globalized one-world politics. The duets move through a landscape filled with a sense of spirituality, atmospheric sound bytes punctuated by wide ranging guitar sounds and observant commentary on today’s tumultuous world. Cadillac Eldorados, Sun Ra´s Arkestra and names like Amiri Baraka, Fred Hampton and Huey P. Newton come to mind in a blend of black-a-delic consciousness, bringing a sense of proximity to both danger, beauty and love.


Electronic, Afro Futuristic

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